Coastal dish towels Crab & Lobster (set of 2)

Marine motives on the Crab & Lobster linen dish towels will add a touch of coastal style to your home!

Linen is 100% plant-based material that is naturally antibacterial, therefore linen kitchen towels are hygienic and never get bad odours.

A GOOD TIP: if you want your wine glasses to look crystal clean, dry them with a linen kitchen towel, and they will shine!


Size: 42×60 cm / 17×44”

Set of 2 towels




In stock (can be backordered)


Marine motives of Crab & Lobster linen dish towels will add a touch of coastal style to your home! If you are cooking lover, you will enjoy having these linen kitchen towels at home. No doubt, it could be an exciting gift for a foodie!

Why linen kitchen towels are the best choice for your kitchen?

  • Stylish: already washed linen item distinguishes by soft touch and elegant, slightly crumbled texture, admired by decoration experts and lovers. Our designs intend to bring sensibility and beauty of nature inside your home.
  • Hygienic: linen poses the natural ability to prevent bacterial growth even in humidity, so it is perfect for the hygiene of table and kitchen linens.
  • Safe for sensitive people: Linoroom products are made from 100% natural linen that is naturally hypoallergenic material and is recommended for people having allergies or sensitive skin. Product patterns are printed with safe, environmentally friendly dyes.
  • Sustainable:  linen textile is made from 100% plant fibre that is very actual due to its sustainability.  The cultivation of flax (linen plant) is water efficient and not polluting, as it needs no irrigation nor fertilizing (cotton on the contrary requires exhausting irrigation). Flax is residue free, as all parts of the plant are utilised for textile or food. Linen textile is very durable and linen items will be used many years, that is vital in making our consumption more conscious and sustainable.
  • Ethical: All our linen items are designed and made in Europe, respecting nature and people who produce them.


100% linen
Product patterns made with safe, environmentally friendly dyes

Dimensions & Set Size:

42×60 cm / 17×44”
Set of 2 designs

Care instructions:

Machine washable up to 40C, can be tumble dried, no ironing needed

Additional information

Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 24 × 32 × 1 cm

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