Natural linen napkins “Butterflies”

Lovely Butterflies’ linen napkins will bring a sense of spring and gaiety to any table. These cloth napkins will be wonderful accent on your summer cottage or farmhouse table. Our printed linen napkins are made from quality linen, they are long lasting and even get softer and more pleasant to touch with use. It can be a perfect Mother`s day gift!

Already washed napkins will not shrink with next washed. They are easy to care, no ironing needed.


Size: 45×45 cm / 18×18”



30 in stock (can be backordered)

Printed napkins from finest 100% pure linen with colourful Butterflies designs, inspired by antique 19th century scientific  prints. The napkins in natural linen color express authentic, slightly rustic style.

Natural linen napkins in contemporary design

All LINOROOM table napkins are made from washed linen fabric, the finish used in contemporary textile that is valued the most by interior designers and appears constantly on the pages of interior magazines.  Besides the style, the fact that linen fabric was already washed assure that cloth napkins will not shrink anymore and will keep their shape and size.

100% natural home linen: Healthy and sustainable

Flax fibre has a natural ability to prevent bacterial growth even in humidity, therefore linen fabric is considered hypoallergenic and suitable for those who have allergies or sensitive skin.

Your decision to purchase linen home textiles is a nature friendly and sustainable action. Why? Because cultivation of flax, from which linen fabric is made, use almost no fertiliser nor artificial irrigation (unlike cotton), all parts of plant, from seeds to fibre, are utilised leaving almost no residues. Your choice will help make nature footprint less.

Long lasting textile with tradition

Linen is extremely durable therefore natural linen napkins will not get warned out by frequent washing, on the contrary, they even will get softer and shinier with use. Linen is one of the oldest and traditional European textiles, appreciated for thousands of years! In LINOROOM we use only premium quality 100% natural linen fabric, produced entirely in Europe.

Linen products with Nordic soul

We hope You will enjoy our product as it has Nordic values in their DNA: quality of natural materials, tranquil, nature inspired designs, timeless style.

Easy Care Tableware

Already pre-washed napkins are really easy to care. Wash with similar colours up to 40°C and dry hanging or tumble dry. No ironing needed.





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Natural linen


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